...the Mirror is your companion that "reflects you par excellence"

Specchio is an indian initiative to bring the Italian artistic elegance blended with technological excellence in your lifestyle. The skilled artisans from the period of renaissance are now giving expression through purity of glass and providing with the mirrors that reflect your class. Innovative designs and unique creative style of mirror adds benefit beyond its traditional use and makes it the most important and vital product for home decor. Specchio brings home Italian designer mirror brands representing distinctive artistic tradition of three Italian cities namely,Venice, Milan and Siena.

image a perfect combination of Italian artistry and technology, Riflessi designs represent Milan- the global fashion capital.Designer mirrors are the pride of Riflessi that has always inspired various primary forms, denoting an unerring sense of taste and measure. Their range offers you to have an expression of personal style.

image are the true representative of glass artwork of Murano and sensuality of Venice. Testament of minimalism and elegance, distinguish it and its evolution throughout the history of mankind. Sovetitalia's designer mirrors have given a complete new dimension to home dacor.

image based in the heart of Tuscany, Ferrara Design represents the confluence of the artistic and cultural tradition of the Florentine Renaissance with refined artisanship of the artisans of Siena.
This synthesis of two typical and exclusive Italian excellences continues to manifest itself, to this day, through the creation of artefacts of great taste and value.

image Mirror televisions are custom crafted for customers in terms of both size and shape, with monitors varying from 15" to 90" in multiple colours: Natural Bronze, Shiny Bronze, Smoky London Grey, Non-Reflective Black, Clear Mirror. XeniaDesign mirror televisions can be recessed (flush with the wall), hung (like a picture)or floor mounted on an steel stand.